A Full Membership is open to any practitioner whose primary business is to provide counsel in one or more of the following philanthropic activities: annual and/or capital campaigns, board development, strategic planning, development communications, grant writing, development planning or training, or planned giving — where at least 60% of their business is comprised of these services to nonprofit organizations. Members must meet the following APC Criteria Standard:

APC Professional Criteria:

  • Has experience serving organizations as staff in development, executive management or in a paid consultant role
  • Documents proof of educational qualifications and training from institutions of higher education and/or professional organizations. A bachelor’s degree, CFRE or CAE is required.
  • Evidences service to the development profession that advances professionalism, e.g. offices held in professional
    organizations, presentations, publications
  • Conducts business in an ethical manner and within the code of ethics of the fundraising profession
  • Principal of the firm must possess at least five years of professional experience with nonprofit 501(c)3

APC Philanthropic Criteria:

  • Interfaces with nonprofit, charitable, and/or public institutions with legally nonprofit governing boards
  • Encourages and seeks public understanding of the needs addressed by these nonprofit organizations
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to philanthropy both in giving and volunteering
  • Seeks causes that exemplify the definition of the word “philanthropy”
  • Maintains a client profile that consists of at least 60% nonprofit, charitable, and/or public organizations including significant service to 501(c)3 organizations

APC Consultant Criteria:

  • Provides professional fundraising guidance and advice to nonprofit organizations and is financially remunerated for such services from at least two clients annually assists in the success of their nonprofit organizations
  • Evidences positive results from such services which are acknowledged by clients
  • The applying consultant or leader of applying firm serves full-time.
  • Associate Membership is open to professional fundraising consulting firms that have been established less than three years, but have been in business for at least one year. Associate members must demonstrate that they intend to qualify for Full Membership by the end of three years of full operation. An associate member will have been a practicing consultant for at least one year and will have worked in the fundraising profession or as a development officer for at least five years