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10 Ways to Listen Your Way to a Major Gift

10 Ways to Listen Your Way to a Major Gift is Jim Eskin’s take on how to work with donors to ensure you accomplish THEIR personal goals. It’s not about your need to receive. Rather, It’s about their need to give. Let’s hear what this fundraising veteran has to share.

Elevating Triumphs: 5 Ways Tech Consulting for Nonprofits are a Game-Changer

Are you looking to elevate your nonprofit organization to the next level of efficiency and communication? Do you wonder how technology can contribute more than just automated email responses? Welcome to the transformative power of nonprofit technology consulting!...
Introduction: The Navigational Guide to Ethics in Nonprofit Consulting If you're in nonprofit consulting, you already know the territory has its own ethical challenges. This goes beyond your responsibility to the client; it's about maintaining integrity that resonates...

15 Powerful Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Fundraising Consultant

1. The Expert Edge in Fundraising You're doing impactful work, but are you leveraging all the fundraising avenues available? A nonprofit fundraising consultant comprehensively understands your organization's fundraising strategies. With this expertise, you can craft a...

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