By Rachel Branaman, Talem Consulting, as published in Advancing Philanthropy

The United States is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. According to Pew Research Center’s 2019 American Trends Panel, the majority of Americans say this is very good (57 percent) or somewhat good (20 percent) for our country.

As we enter a Census year, it is important to note that Census data indicates that the year 2030 will be a demographic turning point for the United States.


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APC had the opportunity to honor three of its founding members at its 2020 Winter Forum in Orlando, FL. APC Chair Melissa Brown presented framed certificates bearing the logos of all current member firms to Bob Kovacevich, Nancy Brown and Jim Yunker.

Contributed by Barb Maduell and Kate Banta-Green, Breakthrough Fundraising Group

Staff bandwidth is on overload at every level of nonprofit organizations throughout our region. In addition to the urgent work of serving clients, many cancelled and future events are burdening budgets when they can least afford it. Here are five quick tips for mobilizing some of your most committed champions: volunteers.