Affiliated Partners


DonorSearch partners with our clients to find the hidden gold in your donor base or increase the volume of your prospect pipeline. From wealth and interest screenings to audience analytics, DonorSearch helps take some of the guesswork out for fundraising.


Marketsmart offers major and planned gift solutions that help organizations raise more money, more efficiently. From donor surveys to online engagement, MarketSmart can lower the costs and improve the results of your major and planned giving programs.


APC Partners


Little Green Light provides all-in-one fundraising and donor management software is our way of bringing these passions together. Little Green Light integrates with many of the tools you already use, and lets you manage your data in one central place online, accessible to your team from anywhere.


The Unemployment Services Trust (UST) is an alternative to paying state unemployment taxes for nonprofits, as allowed by Federal law. UST’s purpose is to help nonprofit organizations manage and reduce their unemployment costs, while also helping remove back-office burden and paperwork, so they have more time and more money for their missions.