Our Mission


APC provides philanthropic consultants with community, education, and knowledge about best practices to strengthen their businesses and empower each client to meet its mission.

Vision Statement

Through the service and support of APC members, nonprofit organizations access professional counsel that is expert, ethical, and inclusive.

APC members feel very strongly that ALL nonprofit organizations should have access to professional and ethical consultants to help them meet their missions. We set high standards for membership and deliver education, experience, and counsel in order to promote best practice.

Qualified members demonstrate a commitment to philanthropic practice as donors, within charities, and as advocates for giving and volunteering.


Collegiality: We are stronger when we support one another and APC. We believe that connecting with colleagues helps us improve our service to clients and our knowledge.

Inclusion and Diversity:  We commit to seek diverse perspectives, broaden our points of view, and apply that knowledge to our work. We believe listening and learning are essential to the health of our sector. 

Integrity: We believe in putting the client’s interests first and providing professional counsel with the highest level of integrity. We commit to follow industry best practices for our clients. 

Knowledge: We believe in life-long learning and are committed to staying informed of trends and resources in fundraising in order to best support the nonprofit organizations we serve.

Quality of Service: We believe every nonprofit deserves quality fundraising guidance. We commit to working diligently to help clients realize their missions through successful governance, deliberate strategies, and successful fundraising based on tested approaches that we know work.