Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

As a representative of a member firm of the Association of Philanthropic Counsel, I pledge to:

  • Accurately represent my professional expertise and experience.
  • Base fees on the value of my professional expertise and experience; mutually agree with clients on fees in advance of engagements; and not accept compensation based on a percentage of charitable contributions.
  • Refrain from guaranteeing financial fundraising results.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of privileged client information.
  • Disclose real and perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Uphold the Donor Bill of Rights.

Standards of Professional Practice

To best serve clients, I further promise to:

  • Promote the spirit of philanthropy.
  • Serve institutions whose missions I support.
  • Assist clients in making decisions that advance their missions and strengthen their organizations.
  • Support volunteers and staff in fulfilling their roles as fundraisers and refuse to serve as a paid solicitor.
  • Avoid receiving and processing charitable gifts on behalf of clients.
  • Place authority over and control of fundraising expenses with clients.
  • Refrain from charging a fee for initial meetings with prospective clients interested in engaging my services.
  • Continually update my professional knowledge.
  • Advocate legislation and regulations promoting philanthropy.
  • Adhere to all laws and regulations governing the profession.
  • Provide high quality service. Draw upon the professional expertise of other APC members.

(Revised 4/25/03)